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Individual Sponsors

Thank you to our sponsors !!!

Platinum final

Platinum Sponsors

Tim Sipe

Ken and Cheryl Chaney

Gold 2

Gold Sponsors

Ron and Sherri Macy

Rick and Carol Harpster

Deborah Bumpas

John and Mary Lynn Bullins

Cindy Allen

Tammi Quintero

James and Kate Brown

Sherry Harper

Mike Bidetti

Fran Jenkins

Phil Ward

Karen and Len Imielinski


Silver Sponsors

Ted Miller

David and Karen Swartling

Allan White

Jeff and Nina Bzdelik - in honor of Gil

Martie and Rick Issac


Bronze Sponsors

Steve Avignone

TJ and Linda Janaulis

Marjorie Masline

Jack Stine

Barbara Freeman

Gil Barclay

John and Karen Schwartz

John and Becky Hendrickson

Grant MacKinnon

Jeff Wahl

Rick Miller

Lesa Jones

Lynn Palmer

John Zogby

Barry Silverstein

Patti Elsen

Margaret Langley

Stokes and Susan Graves

Barbara Choate

Jerry Goetz

Larry Headd

Wiliam Cox

Dave and Kelly Wilson

Tony and Gina Palcher

Pam Crenshaw

Ed and Cindy Piotrowski


Honorable Mentions

Linda Jo Block

Donna Dougherty

Renda/Casey Vander Toorn

Antonia Crosthwait

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